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IMAL is a Colombian company founded in 1959, which specializes in manufacturing auto parts for suspension systems in light and heavy vehicles. We are original equipment suppliers for renowned vehicle assemblers, in addition to being recognized in the aftermarket for our extensive experience and quality. We export to several countries, mainly in South America, North America, and Central America.

We have a production process in constant technological updating and a strict quality control system that has allowed us to be awarded with different prizes and certifications.

Our Mision

To supply solutions in suspension systems and their complementary products for the mobility sector in the domestic and international markets; by offering differentiated value to our customers, suppliers, workers, shareholders and the community at large, with competent human capital, continuous improvement and process innovation and development.


Our Vision

To become, by year 2021, a company in continuous growth with competitive and reliable processes, increasing sales profitably in domestic and export markets of the mobility sector.


IMAL is a company that designs, manufactures and markets suspension systems and solutions for the mobility sector that meets the needs of our customers, shareholders, employees, their families and the community with the application of continuous improvement and innovation of the Integrated Management System, through risk identification, assessment and control. We carry out prevention programs in occupational health and safety for our stakeholders; we maintain the integrity of our processes by preventing illicit activities related to crimes such as Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism (LA/FT), as stated in the SAGRILAFT manual, corruption and bribery, and manages the reduction of environmental impacts, energy resource optimization and efficient use of water resources in the life cycle of the process in a sustainable manner.

By complying with the current laws and regulations and specific customer requirements of Quality, Environment, Occupational Safety and Health and BASC / OEA, that govern our industrial and commercial activity.

In order to comply with our integral policy, we have established the objectives, goals and programs contained in document 010PD400, as well as the corresponding follow-up through process indicators for their continuous adaptation, dissemination, and control.

System objectives

  • To meet the needs and expectations of our customers, reducing internal and external rejections.
  • To ensure prevention and reduction of environmental impacts by optimizing resources and complying with legal requirements.
  • To prevent and control the occurrence of accidents, incidents, or occupational diseases, and to promote reporting of unsafe actions and conditions.
  • To ensure compliance with the Road Safety Strategic Plan.
  • To prevent contamination and illicit activities in importing and exporting operations, as applicable to:  Contraband (absolute and conditional), drug trafficking, trafficking in substances to process narcotics, customs fraud, arms trafficking, terrorism, financing of terrorism, contamination and money laundering.  By monitoring and controlling commercial operations in our own and outsourced supply chain, to ensure operation security.
  • To comply with the current regulations that establish the Biosafety protocol, securing production operation, focusing on protecting the health of employees and suppliers during business reopening, while preventing and mitigating pandemic transmissions.
  • To ensure compliance with the alcohol and drug prevention policy.

New Q-1

GM Ecuador
Supplier of the year
– Metal Commodity

2001 y 2002:

GM Ecuador
Supplier of the year – Metal
Commodity – Andean Countries

Q-1 Validation

Colombian Quality
Management Award 2003

2005 y 2007:
GM Colmotores
Supplier of the year
– Andean Countries

2010 y 2011:
KIA-AYMESA (Ecuador)
Excellence Award to the
supplier of the year
2009 and 2010

GM Colmotores

GM Colmotores
Supplier of the year
– Chassis Category 2012

Silver Award for Excellence
in Direct Material Category

GM Colmotores
Supplier of the year
– Chassis Category

GM Colmotores
Supplier of the year
- Best of the Best

2015 y 2016:
GM Colmotores
Excellence Award
to supplier quality

Hino Motors
Continuous improvement
by productivity activities

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