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IMAL certifies that its products have been manufactured under specific and strict quality standards, applied both to raw materials and to the transformation process and to the finished product, which guarantees in the purchase that the product will fulfill the function for which it was designed.

IMAL grants the buyer the guarantee against any defect in the product, whether due to the material or the manufacturing process, as long as the failure occurs under normal conditions of use.

The guarantee establishes as the sole obligation of IMAL the replacement of the defective product, by delivering the replacement of the element subject to the guarantee.

The guarantee request will be channeled through IMAL authorized wholesalers and workshops.

The warranty does not apply to normal wear and tear of the product.

The IMAL guarantee will be granted immediately by the authorized wholesaler or workshop after failure analysis.


Present the purchase invoice, which must:

  • Comply with legal requirements
  • Be in the name of the buyer - end user with address and telephone
  • Be readable and have no amendments


  • Vehicle model and mileage traveled

For the process of verification, analysis and responses to the guarantees, the guidelines defined by Law 1480 of 2011 will be followed.